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 We want to welcome you to this website; you have been led here by the Spirit of God and we know that you will be blessed as you continue to seek the Lord and hear what the spirit of God is saying to the church today. You are the church and He is building His people and preparing His Bride to meet Him. He is raising up a mature, strong church that will declare His glory and His works. The kingdoms of this earth will be the Kingdoms of His Dear Son!" II Cor. 2-4 It is not with enticing words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of the spirit and of His power. The world is getting darker and darker, gross darkness is covering the earth as the waters cover the sea, but there is a light shining on the people of God and they are getting brighter and brighter. The glory of God shall be seen on them and the church will rise like an island in the sea. The best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!
















      Pastor / Prophetess

             Sandra Moore